Small Group Training

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At DSA we offer various types of group training. Whether you’re an individual wanting to raise your playing level or a full team wanting to increase your team’s skill and tactical abilities. DSA has the right program for you! Our highly experienced trainers will assure every individual is grouped with peers of the same skill level to make sure they are consistently challenged at every training session. Contact us for more information or book a free evaluation today!


You love to watch soccer but have never played? No problem, DSA is here to help! It is never too late to start learning the beautiful game of soccer. It doesn’t matter the age; we have the training program for you. We will teach you the basic skills needed to develop a solid foundation of soccer.


At DSA we focus on teaching the technical and tactical skills for young players. We understand there’s different levels of skill and our programs are designed to enhance your current skills. Sometimes it’s the details that make the difference. Let our certified trainers help you get to that next level!


Our Premier training is designed for the elite players. This training is for players that are most likely already playing club, looking to play College or professional level. Not sure if this level is for you? Book a free evaluation and let our certified trainers advise if this is the right program for you. If you are not at this level, we will make it our goal to get you to a premier level as soon as possible through Intermediate classes!

Areas of Focus


Attacking & Defending

Technical Shooting & Finishing

Passing & Receiving

First Touch

Two Foot Development

Position Education

Body Mechanics

Subscription Packages

4 session subscription $40 per session

8 session subscription $35 per session

12 session subscription $30 per session

At DSA we offer subscription-based training. We believe commitment and dedication is necessary to achieve the planned development. Each session is 60 minutes.

Benefits of Group Training

  1. High Level: Weekly training, designed to challenge the player at every session.
  2. Structure: Small structured group training environment with small-sided games to enhance the speed of play and skill development.
  3. Confidence: Students who have faced disappointment or are looking to remove doubt are helped with our customized programs. Our certified trainers help boost the student’s confidence through training and results.
  4. Same level: We believe it’s important to train with peers of your same skill level. No excuse for your skills to be held back and you will have peers to push you along the way!

Full Team Training Camps/Clinics

Our training staff will plan a development program with your coach, specifically tailored to your teams goals and abilities. We will incorporate technical and tactical skill to enhance your teams performance on the field. Give us a call for more information!