Private Training

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“The focus of our training program is to develop a wide range of technical skills, tailored to the goals and abilities of the individual player. Each player will be challenged to use these technical elements in a small-sided game environment. As a result of these conditions, we can ensure the necessary repetition of isolation when under defensive pressure. In order to improve the speed of a player’s game, we teach them to use both feet and correct their body mechanics.

Each player will receive a free initial evaluation by our certified trainers to come up with a development plan that is tailored to the players personal abilities & goals. “

Areas of Focus


Attacking & Defending

Technical Shooting & Finishing

Passing & Receiving

First Touch

Two Foot Development

Position Education

Body Mechanics

Subscription Packages

4 session subscription $85 per session

8 session subscription $75 per session

12 session subscription $65 per session

At DSA we offer subscription-based training. We believe commitment and dedication is necessary to achieve the planned development. Each session is 60 minutes.

Benefits of Private Training

  1. Individualized: Each student receives a detailed and personalized program tailored to the student’s abilities and goals. The program will be discussed with the player and parent/coach to assure all program objectives.
  2. Accountability: Students learn accountability with self-improvement.c
  3. Confidence: Students who have faced disappointment or are looking to remove doubt are helped with our customized programs. Our certified trainers help boost the student’s confidence through training and results.
  4. Decision Making: Our personalized small sided-games and 1:1 training help speed up decision making and understanding of in-game scenarios.